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6 Powerful Tips to Increase Website Conversion Rate

by david@dmomktg.com
Website Conversion CRO

Conversion rate is one of the most critical measures as it relates to sales and profitability. Conversion rate is not easy to achieve, it requires a lot of work and testing but when done right, sales will increase.

In this article I will be sharing a couple of conversion rate tips that will help you understand better how you can achieve a higher conversion regardless of the industry you are in.

Optimize for speed – Landing Pages

A good 65% of the traffic out there comes from mobile devices. If your website performs very poorly on mobile browsers, is time for you to CLEAN your HTML/PHP/ASP code and optimize your images. Stay away from sliders that are going to take a while to load as well as HIGH resolution images and numerous javascripts that aren’t necessary. An excellent tool that will highlight some of those errors is GTMETRIX.com. The pic below shows the data from the new York times. Their homepage is about 6MB which is ok for a large site like this, I would prefer to have it under 4mb but then again, we are talking about the new York times. One of the items that needs attention is the number of requests. That number seems a little high and I am surprise that their server is not allowing any type of cache. Anyway, you can run a report on your site and fix those issues accordingly.

Trust signals

Trust signals are also very important for conversion. Those elements should be part of your REGULAR web pages as well as PPC landing pages. If you are selling a product or promoting your service, web visitors need to make a decision to either engage with your website or leave, is that simple. Trust symbols will help you retain those prospects by sharing with them that you are a real company with many years in the business and with hundreds of great reviews. These are just some of the trust symbols a lot of websites are using but you can sue different ones that will suit your business. Below is a list of the most popular trust signals that will help with conversion:

  1. Product/service review
  2. Social shares
  3. Customer testimonials
  4. SSL certificate
  5. Years In business
  6. Awards
  7. Sales figures (If applicable)
  8. BBB certificate
  9. Social media profiles
  10. Certifications
  11. Website design (Your website appearance)
  12. Antivirus website badge
  13. Google trusted store
  14. Money back guarantee

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