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20 Tips To Increase Conversion Rate in Adwords

by david@dmomktg.com

Conversion optimization is one of the most critical metrics for online success. Not all traffic is created equal and when it comes to Google adwords, you are going to pay top dollar for those visits.  The good thing about conversion rate optimization for adwords is that Google will facilitate all the tools you need to track keyword conversion. Make sure that you have these items in place so that you can make smart PPC decisions while looking at this data. Prior to launching any PPC campaign, make sure that your goals, events, etc are working properly since this is the data that will guide you to execute changes to your adwords account.

Adwords conversion rate – Top Suggestions

  1. Write a powerful headline that will explain the benefits of your service or products
  2. Create different Ads variations – Create ads with a lot of content and test against Ads with light content
  3. Use and test different Headlines by using ShareThrough
  4. Add call to actions to your headlines, you have 90 characters, use to your advantage
  5. Create landing pages that “match’ your message/keywords – Make sure they are mobile friendly
  6. Make sure your Adwords landing page load under 2 seconds
  7. Test Broadmatch, exact and phrase settings to see which phrases convert the most under those settings
  8. Create desktop and mobile ads and test accordinly
  9. Add Negative keywords to your list
  10. Select the cities or regions you want your service or products to appear
  11. Test which days/time are bringing you the most conversions and adjust those settings accordingly
  12. Add trust signals to your landing page (Warranty, SSL certificate, Google reviews, etc.)
  13. Make sure your value proposition is display in the hero section (above the fold)
  14. If you are using forms in your landing page, make sure they are short. dont ask too many questions, get the lead as questions later.
  15. Run a branded campaign
  16. Perform page and ads A/B testing
  17. Make sure your CTA buttons stand out.
  18. Pause low converting keywords
  19. Limit the amount of keywords per adgroup to 30
  20. Add Extensions to your Ads, super important to increase CTR and conversion

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Mike September 10, 2020 - 7:59 pm

We tried your CTA suggestion #17 as well as #19 and our PPC Adwords conversions went up 3.85% in just one week. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

stacie saunders January 5, 2023 - 4:20 am

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ProWeb365 February 20, 2023 - 7:12 am

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep it up.

78wincom March 20, 2023 - 9:22 am

Tks bro! It is usefuly


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