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Goodbye Google Search? The June 2021 Core Update Has Been Slow to Roll Out

by david@dmomktg.com
Google June's Update Changes

The June 2021 Core Update was predicted to be a game changer for SEO and SEM professionals. Google has announced that it will update its core algorithm in order to stop indexing low-quality content, but the slow rollout of the update is frustrating many digital marketers. In this article we’ll share what we know about the June 2021 Core Update so far and how you can prepare your website for it!

We asked several data companies who track Google’s search results for insights from this update. The objective of the update seemed to be delayed roll-out across countries.

The facts. The Google June 2021 core update, which went into effect at 6:30pm ET on Wednesday, June 2nd., is a global across the board update that may not be categorized for any specific region or language and has been six months in the making. The previous April 2020 core update was released with just under a six-month wait

This update is just about a week in and impacts may still be unfolding.

Google has confirmed that they will release a second core update in July 2021.

It is possible that whatever gains or losses you saw as a result of Google’s June 2021 core update could be reversed once they release their next core update.

So lets not celebrate just yet, more to come…

Google is expected to roll out one more update in july 2021.We don’t expect the update in July to impact search rankings much, but it may confused other webmaster because that update will cause confusion with search ranking changes due to their different approaches— one using page experience

Previous updates. The most recent previous core update, the December 2020 update, was slow to roll out. Before that was the January 2020 core update; we have analyzed that one over here. Prior to that is the September 2019 core update .

Despite the fact that Google’s June 2021 core update rolled out more slowly than is typical, it generated as much (if not more) discussion on SEO and webmaster forums as previous updates have. Additionally, in November, Google released a separate update focused solely on local rankings for businesses-a topic about which you can read more here.

Data providers on Google’s June 2021 core update:

Semrush. Yulia Ibragimova, Olga Andrienko and the Semrush team, among others, have provided us with data about this update. Semrush said that this update was mostly felt on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of (June 2021) both desktop and mobile search.

Keep in mind, Semrush was one of the first tools to pick up on these changes as many were not yet noticing. I suspect a data center population situation may have contributed to this latency.

The SEO community was not buzzing about this update in the first 24 hours, unlike most other Google updates.

Few realized changes had been made to their sites in the initial days following Google’s announcement. Google shared data from major providers, many of which noticed rank shifts as early as Monday. Rankings for some sites saw significant drops while others did not experience much change.

Google has offered advice to those who were similarly impacted in the past. There is no action you can take which will magically solve your negative rankings, but Google advises that it’s likely not a problem with your content either.

Google provides updates to its algorithm periodically, but when it comes to core scoops the changes may be reversed as they are rolling out. This data and previous experience has shown us that these are significant improvements. The data we have seen shows this to be true.

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