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Google Concludes March Spam Update, Core Update Still in Progress

by david@dmomktg.com

Google has wrapped up its March spam update, aimed at curtailing the exploitation of AI-generated content and authority. The core update, which now includes “Helpful Content” guidelines within its algorithm, is still unfolding.

Content creators and website managers are advised to hold off on significant alterations to their sites until the core update is fully implemented, as it could lead to changes in their search rankings.

The spam update, announced by Google on March 5 alongside a core update, took approximately two weeks to roll out completely. Its focus was to address the challenges associated with the mass production of content, the improper use of expired domains, and the manipulation of site authority.

The ongoing core update, embedding “Helpful Content” standards into Google’s algorithm, is in progress and expected to integrate fully over the next month.

Completion of the Spam Update

Google confirmed the end of the spam update rollout on March 20 at 6:09 AM PDT, through an update on Google’s Search Status Dashboard.

This latest update introduced three specific measures against the scaling of content abuse, the misuse of expired domains, and site reputation manipulation.

While the first two measures were immediately implemented, the enforcement of the site reputation manipulation measure is set to begin in May.

Observations and Impact Post-Update

Following the spam update, there is now a clearer picture of the search results landscape, enabling publishers and SEO experts to gauge the impact.

Preliminary data from SISTRIX indicated significant shifts across various domains, with some being entirely removed from Google’s search index.

Subsequent to the introduction of these new spam measures, Google has taken manual actions against sites exhibiting blatant spam, notably those extensively using AI for content creation, according to a report by Originality.ai.

These manual actions, which are distinct from algorithmic adjustments, are executed by Google’s review team and are indicated through notifications in the Search Console. It’s possible for a site to be affected by both a manual action and an algorithmic update simultaneously.

Ongoing Core Update

With the spam update complete, attention now turns to the ongoing core update. This update, significant for incorporating “Helpful Content” into the core algorithm, necessitates patience from SEO specialists and content creators as it completes its course over the coming weeks.

Danny Sullivan of Google has recommended awaiting the full implementation of the core update before undertaking major website adjustments in reaction to ranking shifts, emphasizing the importance of producing authentic, high-quality content that meets the needs of your audience.

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