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Google Core Update Algo Changes – July 2021

by david@dmomktg.com
Google Core Update Algo Changes - July 2021

In a recent post, Google announced that they will be changing their algorithm on July 16th to continue making the web more user-friendly. Many people have expressed outrage over these changes and fear of what’s coming next but it is nothing new for this company who often makes drastic decisions in order to provide users with useful content instead of spammy sites filled with ads. The exact details are still unclear at this time so we can only speculate about how much worse things may get from here!

The July 2021 Update is a classic “broad core update” – meaning that this particular change will not be specific to any region, language or category of websites. However, because Google has been working on getting better at assessing the content and determining which pages have the best answers for searchers queries since 2010 when they first introduced broad-core updates like these. These changes may result in boosting pages which were previously under rewarded while others might experience drops in traffic as well depending if their information was deemed valid by Google’s algorithm after receiving feedback from spiders who visit your site periodically looking for new information you’ve posted about topics it hasn’t seen before yet .

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