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How to develop a website using WordPress

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WordPress Development

In today’s technological environment, it is crucial that every individual, organization, or small business have a web presence. Most importantly, is that in developing a website, it posses well designed web pages that are user-friendly, load quickly, compatible with search engine ranking, and that are cost effective for development and updates. Below are key components essential for WordPress development. Using WordPress as a development platform, you can expect the following:

A User Friendly Design

When developing any website, one must consider its targeted audience, whether that be business-to-consumer, (B2C), or business-to-business (B2B). In both instances, a website must provide vital information at first glance. In order to do this, that information must be located “above the fold” (the part of webpage you immediately see when loading). This very basic component is offered in the majority of WordPress designs.

Wordpress Development New York

Website Loading Time

Statistics show that web users have little patience for websites that load slowly. In many cases, if a site takes an excessive amount of time to load, the user will just go to another website to gain the information they need. The great advantage of WordPress development is that this many pre-designed themes are very responsive, and load very quickly. One of the TOP WordPress Themes are Avada and DIVI.

Pre-Designed WordPress Development Themes

Consumers can purchase numerous pre-design themes geared towards whatever activity, business type, or promotion they want to want to promote online. WordPress development offer much flexibility in the look and feel of a website. The initial phase of developing a website must include essential research to rank highly among the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. WordPress developers are very conscious of this fact. Additionally, choosing a platform, like WordPress can offer the end-user hundreds of needed features that enhance their online experience. The WordPress platform is very interactive, and additional features are easily added through pre-fabricated scripts called “widgets.” The easily installed widgets allow novice, intermediate, or seasoned developers to add specific functions without the tedious task of programming each specific task of a website.


Hiring a web developer can be very expensive and risky. Cost of development can skyrocket without a clear plan of action of what you want in a website. Having a clear vision, and plan of what you want can greatly reduce development cost. WordPress development offers this choice. For example, if a small business owner can narrow down what features will be necessary for their website, it definitely will help once site development is ready to launch. However, once updates to a website are needed, cost can definitely increase. The beauty of choosing a WordPress platform, is that even a novice can make critical updates with little website knowledge with just a few clicks of the mouse. Its truly a platform that is “second to none.”

Website Maintenance

Once a website is finally developed, there still exists the ongoing maintenance of a site. A website owner’s platform choice should be in direct collation to the cost of site maintenance. In New York City, choosing a manageable web design can help an individual, small business, or organization reduce cost associated with maintaining a website. Choosing platforms like these make it easy for small business owners to manage their own websites, or to hire webmasters at a reduced cost.

In New York, it’s virtually impossible for any thriving enterprise to survive without an online presence. Web design can make, or break a business. As a website business owner, it is crucial to keep informed of the best web designs on the market, and to choose one applicable to their business needs. By choosing WordPress, you can’t go wrong!

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